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Move Naturally Theme:


To encourage school-aged students to Move Naturally over the summer. Blue Zones Project partnered with local organizations to Connect and get grooving! We asked community seniors (ages 55 + up) to teach students a fun dance they enjoy. In return, students came together to teach a new dance to the seniors. Tune in to learn some new moves!


Gardening with Purpose Theme:


Featuring local Master Gardeners and a 4H Leader that live their life with Purpose and a passion for seeing things grow. This session will highlight the importance of finding your Ikigai or Plan De Vida from the original Blue Zones areas. Translating to, "why I wake up in the morning." You may also learn some gardening tips along the way! 


Move Naturally Video:


Gardening with Purpose Video:

Sid Shuffle Instructions

Sid 2

Instructions for the Sid Shuffle can be found here

Dance Like Your Daddy from Shawnee Family YMCA

dance like your daddy1

Instructions can be found here


How To Plant a Tomato 

Tomato (1)

To access the Tomato Plant Instructions click here


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Thank You

Thank you to the South Rock Creek students and faculty for participating and helping with both of our Power 9 University videos! We also want to thank Carla Smith from OSU Extension of Pottawatomie County, Master Gardener Tom Terry, 4H Leader Linda Goodson, and the Shawnee Family YMCA. We are excited to roll out the final 2 Power 9 University videos focused on Eat Wisely and Connect!

We appreciate your participation in helping our community to live longer better!


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